What Sources Are Considered Acceptable/Reliable?

Medicinal Plants Project –Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa)
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What Sources Are Considered Acceptable/Reliable?
The majority of the information in your brochure and in your presentation must be found in “reliable sources”. [Though very frequently utilized, Wiki[anything], Ask.com, gardening sites, and other similar sources, are NOT considered reliable]. That being said, plant guides and gardening sites may be great sources for pictures of your plant. You may use as many sources as your group deems necessary to locate the required information, but a MINIMUM of 2 of those sources MUST be chosen from one of those listed below.

Some specific examples of acceptable/reliable sources include:
• Herbal Resources from American Botanical Council Database
• HerbMedPro Database
• Natural Medicines Database
These first 3 sources may be accessed on the Library page on mystlcop: https://my.stlcop.edu/libraryresources/Pages/DatabasesAlphaList.aspx
• Journal of Medicinal Plants Research https://www.academicjournals.org/journal/JMPR
• Journal of Medicinal Plants Studies https://www.plantsjournal.com/archives/
• Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (JARMAP) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/22147861

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BOTH parts of this project (written and oral) must include the following:
Ø Products/Forms Available for Use
Ø Dosages (These should be specific to form and patient where necessary)
Ø Indications (Recognized/Intended Uses)
Ø Contraindications (When Usage is Not Recommended/Is Dangerous)
Ø Known Adverse Reactions/Side Effects
Ø Examples of Diseases/Conditions which are aggravated/made worse by treatment
Ø Examples of Drugs or Supplements whose effectiveness is altered (either decreased or increased) when taken at the same time
Ø Evidence in one or more of the “reliable sources” indicating whether or not treatment with the plant product has been tested for safety and efficacy (effectiveness), and the results of such tests if they have been completed
You will also be graded on the mechanics of the project, including:
Ø Was the brochure/fact sheet written, and the oral presentation delivered using language that is appropriate for someone with little to no medical background?
Ø Are written portions of the project visually appealing and easy to read?
Ø Is proper grammar/syntax used in written portions?
Ø Are there spelling errors?
Ø Is all information cited appropriately (including pictures)?
Ø Are the correct number of citations used?


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