What is the co alignment principle and why is it important?

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What is the co alignment principle and why is it important?

How can a company measure its success of applying the co alignment principle?

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What are three ways IT has helped the hospitality industry?

How are each of these three ways attributed to the co-alignment principle?

What are the three food service classifications? Why do we classify them this way and can you provide an example of each in the market place today?

One of the newest trends in food service are gourmet food trucks. They are a great low cost way to provide specialty food and deliver it to any demographic you want. I have seen some very creative ways this business has flourished. What classification would this fall under and why?

What are some of the other benefits of this new venture (food trucks)?

Since Commercial Food Service is so large and has so many facets to it, is there one part that you feel is more interesting to you? Also in this which one of the systems would be more appropriate or would it be different depending on the style? Would it be conventional, ready prepared or commissary? Can you provide an example and why?

What are the four types of food service systems? How are they similar and different?

When we look a system design in organizations it sounds complex because organizations are complex. They are made up of a collection of parts and people each having an important part in the overall goal of the organization. In our textbook, it tells us that they are not “self contained” and are dynamic. Can you provide an example of this in a food service business that you are familiar with?

One of your objectives were to describe the role of information technology in the hospitality industry.Class, how would you answer this question different as compared with the class first started?

Last week’s objectives was to introduce the role of technology as it refers to the hospitality industry. Realizing what a vital role technology plays and will continue to play in the hospitality industry. Having IT knowledge is essential to any good manager for the growth and stability of their business. From attracting guests to keeping them happy and returning the Internet is an important tool needed to stay competitive in today’s technical world. Agree or disagree then explain why?

Starwoods and Marriott for example, have created mobile check in apps on smart phones which allows guest to check in on their phones. Next year Starwoods will raise the bar by allowing guest to unlock their room doors using the new Apple Watch. Any thoughts?


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