What is Alpha One’s NOPAT? Why does NOPAT differ from the earnings after taxes?

Assignment wk2
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Entrepreneurial Finance

Week 2: Hand-in Assignment

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Present your answer in the form of a Business Report for Arlene Lo and submit it to the Turnitin Link below. The expected length of your HIA response is around 750 – 1,000 words for the main body of your Report, which is due by end Day 7.


The Alpha One Software Corporation was organised to develop software products that would provide Internet-based firms with information about their customers. As a result of initial success, the venture’s premier product allows firms with subscriber bases to predict customer profiles, retention, and satisfaction.

Arlene Lo received an undergraduate degree in computer sciences and information systems from a major university four years ago. The Omega Subscriber Software Product was developed, plus test marketed with the help of two of her classmates; Alpha One Software Corporation was then up and running within one year. Venture capital was obtained for start up operations; a second round of venture financing helped Alpha One to move through its survival stage. Product success in the marketplace has allowed the venture to achieve such rapid sales growth that it is now able to get bank loans and issue long-term debt. The tax deductible interest rate on the bank loans is 10 percent. An effective cost for the long-term debt now needs to be determined; the cost of common equity was estimated using a risk-free rate of 7 percent and a risk premium of 13 percent.

Arlene Lo has now reached the point of being able to consider whether Alpha One is adding economic value in terms of its net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) and its weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Based on the most recent years’ financial statements (below), Arlene is interested in answering the following:

What is Alpha One’s NOPAT? Why does NOPAT differ from the earnings after taxes?

Estimate the effective before-tax cost of the long-term debt.

Estimate the effective after-tax cost of the bank loan and the long-term debt.

Estimate the cost of common equity capital.

Determine the financial structure weights for the two interest-bearing debt components and the common equity.

What is Alpha One’s WACC?

Also using the ratios discussed in the textbook, assess the health of the firm based upon 2-3 key ratios and your findings from the above questions.

Briefly explain what factors are likely to have a particular impact upon the WACC estimates for entrepreneurial firms that have not yet reached the maturity stage of their venture life cycle

Present your answer in the form of a Business Report for Arlene Lo.

Alpha One Software Corporation

Income Statement Year to 30 June2011

Net Sales $1,500,000

Cost of Goods Sold -850,000

Gross Profit 650,000

General & Administrative Expenses -250,000

Marketing -206,000

Depreciation -50,000

Earnings Before Interest and Taxes 144,000

Interest -84,000

Earnings Before Taxes 60,000

Income Taxes (@ 40% rate) -24,000

Earnings After Taxes 36,000

Dividends 0

Retained Earnings for the year $36,000

Alpha One Software Corporation

Statement of Financial Position 30 June 2011

(Balance Sheet)

Cash $20,000

Accounts Receivable 250,000

Inventories 350,000

Total Current Assets 620,000

Non-current Assets, Net Book Value 480,000

Total Assets $1,100,000

Accounts Payable 125,000

Accrued Liabilities 125,000

Notes Payable (bank loan repayable) 100,000

Total Current Liabilities 350,000

Long-Term Debt 500,000

Common Stock (20,000 shares) 100,000

Retained Earnings 150,000

Total Liabilities & Equity $1,100,000


Assume that 100% capital allowances (deductible tax depreciation) are available with respect to the acquisition of $30,000 of non-current assets in the year to 30 June 2011. All interest charges and other expenses were tax deductible for that same year. The corporation is subject to a 40% tax rate on its taxable income.


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