What have you learned about yourself so far?

Setting a Vision
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Reflect on yourself as a person, student, and professional. (Using the Information provide by me about me and the surveys).

This first milestone gives you a chance to organize your thoughts about what you want to get out of this personal development plan. Write a 1–2-page paper (3–4 paragraphs) that covers the following. This should be very simply written!

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• What have you learned about yourself so far?
• What do you hope to gain by doing this plan? (What life or professional issues are you tackling by doing this personal development plan?)
• What is your vision/goal for this plan? (Why is this personal development plan topic important to you?)

As appropriate, you are encouraged to bring in information you gleaned from the self-assessments you have done so far.

• What Is Your Jungian Typology?
• How Productive Are You?
• Locus of Control
• Are You Experiencing Burnout?
• Stress Scale

Some information about me

– Personal/Professional Goals
Supporting EFI’s European Post Sales team on a regular basis, I found International Studies very intriguing. The varied curriculum will allow me to broaden knowledge of different cultures and concrete on how they can work together as one. I wish to hold an international business degree by Summer 2016. Ultimately, leading to a sales management position in a mulit-national corporation
More about me:
Recognized as a strong resource of information within VUTEk based on 14 years of work experience. Proven ability to adapt, change, learn and grow. Driven by a challenge, looking for an opportunity to excel in a sales management role. As an International Business Major specializing in Business, I am cultivating my skills towards the direction that would be beneficial for my professional career. I am especially passionate about International Studies, which dates back to times when I started selling Service Contracts for EFI and began supporting the European team on a regular basis. My competitive spirit and willingness to learn about operational systems in different parts of the world blends with my passion to cultivate organizational leadership skills. Specifically, I will use my collaboration, and critical thinking skills.


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