What do you think is it better to have a project manager who knew the department or outsider?

Project management
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In last 20 years the number of call centres increased rapidly. Many industries are depending on call centre and using them to increase efficacy of marketing, surveying and controlling. The call centres are very demanding on their employees. An operator is required to deliver perfect calls with every client. Many call centres are using automated systems for most common and repetitive procedures allowing them to significantly reduce the number of staff.

The Problem is that not everybody can use call centres. Only in US: 7.5 million people have serious trouble using their voices. Amongst the other solutions, large companies like Telstra and American Online are very interested for some sort of decoding device that is capable to translate impaired speech to understandable information regardless of the system used (human operator or automatic secretary).

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Our case study company is in the engineering industry, and it was established 20 years ago The company main products are digital receiver and scanners. The company senior management did some investigation and they found (after a searching patents data bases) several technologies that can be developed to useful tool for decoding impaired voice. They contacted large call centres provider and the call centre provider responded positively showing an interest in sponsoring the project. Also call centre provider respond that they would like to have Project Charter as soon as possible. The Company estimated that they will need 3 software engineers (engagement of 100%) two electronic Hardware engineers (100% ) and one technician (with 50% ). The duration of the project has to be two years and full system including software and hardware has to be completed and ready for use. Some additional exercises will be: Leasing additional room in the industrial building; leasing special network analyser; conducting testing in licenced institutions; additional technical help by hiring consultants etc.


You have to write Project Charter for the described case. Students are free to use Templates from prescribed literature, or any other template (with references) with condition that it covers all points needed for proper Project Chart. Students are also free to estimate cost of the elements of the project (all estimations have to have some logic).

Questions (short answers – a few sentences))

What do you think is it better to have a project manager who knew the department or outsider? Are there some potential problems with this approach?

Who else can be a sponsor of this project? Or by other words what has to be done if sponsor is not interested in project any more.
From engineering point of view what is the most dangerous risk in similar projects.

 This assignment is worth 40% of the assessment marks for this subject. Assignment has to have less than 4000 words.


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