WHAT did this group or individual DO that motivated them to begin thinking about human behavior ?

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Please complete this Discussion AS YOU READ. The textbook is written in a very user-friendly story style. You will be reading the ENTIRE textbook in 6 weeks. So, please bring it with you everywhere you go and read THROUGHOUT the week. Please DO NOT CRAM. It will not work in this course. Again, please complete the Discussion AS YOU READ, but submit ONLY once when you are done with it, but before Friday May 27th at midnight.

You will be learning about the history of psychology by reading about the all the major contributions to the field. In so doing, you will gain a thorough understanding of the evolution of the classical theoretical perspectives in psychology all the way from the root sources to the current development.

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Week 2 Discussion

Please write a summary (3-5 sentences) for each of the headings below and NUMBER your work and put a heading name next too EVERY number, just like you see below. Please feel free to look at your peers’ submissions to help you understand the topic, but please do YOUR OWN WORK. Please see the syllabus regarding PLAGIARISM. ANY evidence of PLAGIARISM or CHEATING will result in an F in the COURSE. So, please take your time and read the book and enjoy the process of summarizing your readings. PLEASE WRITE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES AND WRITE COHERENTLY.

Please NUMBER your summaries and put a heading write after the number.

In each 3-5 sentence summary, make sure to describe:
•WHAT did this group or individual DO that motivated them to begin thinking about human behavior ?
•WHAT was the MAJOR contribution of this group or individual toward the understanding of human behavior.
•HOW did this contribution change the way in which human behavior was perceived previously ?

For the headings in which the three points may not apply, please summarize the reading in 3-5 sentences WITHOUT a need to reference the three points IN RED above:)

Chapter 3 – The Birth of Philosophy

1) A Short History of Ancient Greece/Introduction

2) Milesian Philosophers

3) Thales

4) Anaximander

5) Anaximenes

6) Summary of Milesian Philosophy

7) Early Growth and Development of Philosophy

8) Pythagoras

9) Xenaphanes

10) Heraclitus

11) Eleatic Philosophy

12) Parmenides

13) Zeno of Elea

14) Melissus

15) Empedocles

16) Anaxagoras

17) Democritus

18) Protagoras

19) Gorgias

20) Pericles and Athens Golden Age

21) Ideas emerging from the early Greek Philosophy era

Chapter 4 – Greek Philosophy

22) Alexander the Great and Hellenization

23) Introduction to this era

24) Socrates

25) Plato

26) Aristotle/ Border with Biology – The Founding of Biology

27) Anisthenes

28) Diogenes of Sinope

29) Crates

30) Hipparchia

31) Stoicism

32) Zeno of Citium

33) Chrysippus

34) Skepticism

35) Pyrrho

36) Epicureans

37) Epicurus

38) Ideas emerging from the Greek Philosophy era

Chapter 5 – From Philosophy to Faith

39) Religion/Introduction

40) Greek Medicine

41) Alcmaeon

42) Hippocrates

43) Galen

44) Neo-Platonism

45) Philo

46) Plotinus

47) The Rise of the Christian Faith

48) Augustine of Hippo/Early Phenomenology and Cognitive Psychology

49) Muhammad and the Rise of Islam

50) Islamic Scholars

51) Al-Kindi

52) Al-Farabi

53) Avicenna

54) Averroes and Exegesis

55) The Role of Women

56) Ideas from the era from Philosophy to Faith


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