What are your own limits concerning questionable language, jokes, or forwarding e-mails?

Human Resource Management Questions
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Responses to first 15 question should be in your own words and be 75 words or more

What are your own limits concerning questionable language, jokes, or forwarding e-mails? Do you have the same standards in the workplace? What are your views of those whose standards are either more or less tolerant of questionable language or jokes? How might these differences in perspective cause problems?

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Workplace security focuses on protecting the employer’s property, inventory, data, and productivity. Employee theft, excessive time spent surfing the Internet, revealing trade secrets to competition, online gambling, viewing online pornography, sending offensive or harassing e-mails, or using the company’s customer database for personal gain could damage the company. But how far can this protection extend? Shouldn’t we consider employees’ rights, too? How do we create a balance?

What is your opinion of labor unions?

What can organizations do to make sure their hiring officials are not using data collection to discriminate against applicant’s, but rather hiring them based on skills?

Do you think there will ever be equal employment in the workforce?

How far can employers stretch the “green jobs” label before it loses legitimacy? Does Starbucks or McDonald’s policy of rewarding their coffee suppliers who use sustainable growing practices mean that they are green employers? How “green” do they need to be? Is the Society of Human Resource Management adequate by defining “green jobs” as those that meet the need for environmentally responsible production and work processes and the development of green goods and services? This includes “reducing pollution or waste, reducing energy usage, and reducing use of limited natural resources.

Employment branding makes the company name stand out when applicants are researching employers. Essentially, it’s about marketing the company as an attractive employer in the same way that consumer products and services such as cars, beverages, and hotels have distinctive brand images. Identify other employers in your area that seem to have an “employment brand.” Does that image help to recruit workers?

Should companies use stress interviews? Should interviewers be permitted to assess professionalism, confidence, and how one reacts to the everyday nuisances of work by putting applicants into a confrontational scenario? Does becoming angry in an interview indicate a propensity toward outbursts or violence under work stress? Should HRM advocate the use of an activity that could possibly slip out of control?

Few states lost more jobs in the great recession than Michigan where nearly one in every ten jobs disappeared. The country needs a new plan to attack unemployment. It needs to reinvent how to put those unemployed workers to work. Whose responsibility is it to deal with that problem; is it the governments, the businesses or the unemployed person?

What are your thoughts and opinions on employers who request potential new hires or current employee’s social media usernames and passwords? Some employers argue that access to personal accounts is needed to protect proprietary information or trade secrets, to comply with federal financial regulations, or to prevent the employer from being exposed to legal liabilities. But others consider requiring access to personal accounts an invasion of employee privacy.

How can managers be trained to be sincere and honest when evaluating an employee’s performance? Can organizations develop an ethical evaluation process? Should we expect companies to spend training dollars to achieve this goal? What do you think?

Back to the sticky issue of what to say to the employees with lower starting salaries if they find out what their coworkers are earning. What would you do? How can you justify your actions? Should you offer them the same salaries? Can you forbid employees from discussing salaries?

What are the advantages for organizations that offer benefits to domestic partners of employees? Are there ethical issues with either offering the benefits or not offering them? What is your opinion?

Inspire your sales force by rewarding them. What are your opinions about reward strategies to motivate your team?

Executive Compensation. What is your opinion on CEO’s that make way too much while their team/company is failing? What should be done to failing CEO’s, should they be replaced? Should their compensation be reduced? Or both and why?

Responses to last 9 question should be in your own words and be 150 words or more

What are the pros and cons associated with drug testing? What is your opinion toward requiring drug testing for all new employees? Discuss the legal and ethical considerations associated with drug testing. Use laws or regulatory policies to support your opinion

Do you think an employer has the right to monitor an employee’s computer? Explain your answer. What principle should the HRM department have to ensure work efficiency while protecting employee privacy?

“Affirmative action does not work. When you are hired under an affirmative action program, you are automatically labeled as such, and are rarely viewed for the value that you can bring to the organization?” Do you agree or disagree with the statement and why? Support your response with outside resources.

Employee selection methods include applications, employment tests, interviews, background investigations, and medical or physical examinations. Select three selection methods that you feel are most useful. For each selection method chosen, discuss the reliability and validity of the method. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the selection methods you have chosen?

Human resource planning is considered the most important component of the human resource management (HRM) structure. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your answer. How does human resource planning influence an organization?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of employee referrals? As an employer, what other recruiting strategy might you utilize? Do you believe online recruiting websites are an effective recruiting strategy?

What employee benefit do you personally value the most? Why is it important for organizations to offer benefits to their employees? How do benefits positively or negatively affect an organization?

“Fundamentals of Human Resource Management” discusses three classifications of rewards. They are intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards, financial versus non-financial rewards, and performance-based versus membership based rewards. What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with each type of reward? Which type of reward is most successful in the business environment and why?

What is the purpose of performance management systems within an organization? What are some of the ethical concerns of performance management systems? How can a human resource management (HRM) department ensure a performance management system is ethical?


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