What are some potential barriers that you anticipate related to change in the workplace related to your practicum project?

Questions for Week 5
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Question 1
Change Theory (Chapter 11)
What are some potential barriers that you anticipate related to change in the workplace related to your practicum project? What are some components of Change Theory that could be used to facilitate and manage anticipated barriers?

Question 2
Conflict Resolution
Identify an issue of conflict that you have witnessed or you have seen present in the workplace. Which conflict resolution style was used to handle the situation? Was it effective? Which conflict resolution style would you use, how, and why?

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Question 3
Motivated Employees (Chapter 5)
Intrinsic motivation has been found to be a source of long term motivation in the workplace. Explain your view of intrinsic motivation and how this is a factor in motivating employees in the workplace? How will you identify and use intrinsic motivation as a nurse administrator?

Question 4
Change Process (Chapter 5)
Think about your organization. Determine one thing that needs to be changed. What is that process? How would you initiate this change including presenting it for approval? What is the nurse administrator role in this process?
Question 5
Learning Organizations (Chapter 2)
Does your organization fit the characteristics of a Learning Organization? How does a Learning Organization better meet the needed changes identified by the Institute of Medicine for health care production and delivery of services? How would your organization benefit from a Learning Organization model?
Question 6
Culture In Organization (Chapter 2)
How do you see the role of culture in your organization as a factor in creating needed changes? Would the Mayo Model be effective in your institution in its current culture?

Question 7
External Factors (Chapter 3)
How might external environment factors shape a consensus or create conflict among an organization’s departmental missions, objectives, and goals? How do conflicting departmental goals and competing budgetary interests affect a business plan?
Question 8
Leadership Teams (Chapter 3)
Do you see the three types of leadership evidenced in your organization? If not, what elements are missing and how would your organization be influenced by the presence of all three in a Leadership Team? How do you see your personal leadership style fitting into this model?


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