What are “high technologies” and what is meant by “low frequency”?

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Integration of Technology in Early Childhood Education .

The most interesting phrase that I found in the article, “Factors influencing the teachers` adoption and integration of information and communication technology into teaching.” The phrase is that the aim of investment in ICT is to improve the education sector in many countries, though, despite all the massive investment, the ICT implementation in the learning and teaching faces limitations of lack of low frequency. The article focuses on the institutional, personal and technological issues that support the use of the computer technology in the process of learning and teaching. I found it interesting because the demands for high technologies in the modern societies and education system is increasing on a daily basis. The need for teaching ICT has significantly increased in most learning institutions making it a basic requirement that must be incorporated into the curriculum. Despite this, significant barriers to its adoption exist. Their existence has made the adoption of ICT in the education system face the challenge of low-frequency adoption. For example, the learning system in most institutions faces the challenge of inadequate teaching skills among the teachers. This has led to the lack of confidence in them. In addition, the adoption of ICT in the learning institutions faces the challenge of the lack of suitable software in schools. The social challenges limiting the technology use by teachers and others include lack of adequate funds to train teachers and purchasing software and computers. All these changes practically limit the effective use of technology in education systems. Therefore, it is important for every institution to address them in a bid to incorporate ICT effectively in the education systems.

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What are “high technologies” and what is meant by “low frequency”? These may be known terms to you, but if they are not to the wider class, it will be difficult for others to offer their insights and ideas in discussion of the topic.
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Re: “Share with your classmates a quotation from or summary of one of your sources that have added to your knowledge or even surprised you.”

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