What are Geographic Information Systems? How are they used?

What are Geographic Information Systems? How are they used?
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Consistency – Your paper should be consistent throughout. That is, your introduction, body of the paper and your conclusions must consistently express the same theme in a consistent style.
Spelling/typos/format/sufficient length –

Your paper must be free of spelling and typographical errors.

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It must be in MLA format.

All elements of the paper must be double-spaced, including the Literature cited section.

Your paper must fulfill the minimum length requirement, which is 2 pages of text, with a font size of 11 or 12 point and not larger font.

The length does not include the literature cited section, title. and identity information (your name, course name, section number, and date).
literature citations -Literature citations are superior to web citations. You may cite a dictionary or encyclopedia including Wikipedia and your textbook but these do not count toward the 3 reference minimum.


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