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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) position was created to improve quality and safety outcomes on medical surgical units (Sotomayor and Rankin, 2017). Clinical Nurse Leaders were prepared by nurse managers, assistant vice presidents, nursing staff, physicians, and support teams. Some of the training was about case management, pharmacy, occupational and physical therapy, and nutrition services (Sotomayor and Rankin, 2017). Getting into CNL program was competitive. Candidates had to be baccalaureate-prepared, highly motivated, passionate about learning, was respected by peers and physicians. Candidates also need to have a minimum of 2 years of nursing experience (Sotomayor and Rankin, 2017). The CNL program was a success. Now there are many CNLs out there and many healthcare professionals are requesting for more and into different sections, like pediatrics. Sotomayor and Rankin’s (2017) research shows that CNL seems to be successful when it comes to integration of care across multiple settings. According to Sotomayor and Rankin (2017), “From 2010 to 2015, CNLs led substantial reductions on medical surgical units to which they were deployed. Improvement in the incidence of patient falls, catheter-associated urinary tract infection, central line-associated blood stream infection, and hospital-acquired pressure ulcers ranged from 30% to 82%” (p. 22). That is not all, because of CNLs there were improvements with renal transplant, trauma, high-risk obstetrics, and with home ventilator patients. CNLs proposed better plans to improve patient care and save money. For example, in 2012, CNLs helped reduce direct variable nursing cost per patient day from $727.03 to $356.67. That is 50.9% (Sotomayor and Rankin, 2017). Also because of CNL, “positive gains were seen in average length of stay (ALOS) as well as mortality and readmission rates” (Sotomayor and Rankin, 2017, p. 22).


Sotomayor, G. (2017). CNE SERIES. Clinical Nurse Leaders: Fulfilling the Promise of the Role. MEDSURG Nursing, 26(1), 21–32. Retrieved from…


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