swot analysis jessica grayson

Complete a TOWS Analysis on a classmate’s SWOT analysis by Thursday This your chance to use what you’ve learned in the assigned article. Be sure to study the example TOWS analysis for Volkswagen and Winnebago (on page 14 and page 16) before you begin. Select one SWOT analysis posted by a classmate earlier in the week. Open their SWOT file and save it to your computer. Then fill in the yellow boxes with appropriate strategies, taking time to include the numbering that indicates which specific elements of the SWOT are addressed by each strategy. Your posting should include ideas for each of the following four strategies: SO (Strengths/Opportunities), WO (Weaknesses/Opportunities), ST (Strengths/Threats), WT (Weaknesses/Threats). The explanations on page 11 in the assigned article should be very helpful as you complete this part of the assignment. When you are done, your completed TOWS should look very similar to the examples on page 14 and 16 of the assigned article. NOTE: If there are no other students in your class, you will complete the TOWS on your own SWOT.


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