Study the marketplace and shortlist three leading software technologies in this space

Information security systems for the enterprise
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In the capacity of a CIO of a fast growing organization, you are looking to select a technology for your enterprise (related to the context of your research topic). You need to investigate your topic in order to recommend a system/technology solution to be used in the organization. For your assigned topic:

1-Study the marketplace and shortlist three leading software technologies in this space

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2-Evaluate the shortlisted software technologies by means of comparison, covering at least the following areas: Functionality, Technology, Company, Financials.

1) Functionality
– Compare feature and functionality module by module

-Compare the ability/flexibility of the system to accommodate customers business processes

2) Technology

– Compare the Technical Features such as Open vs. Close Platform, Security, Reporting, ease of modification/customization, ease of use, ease of Implementation, availability of implementation and support resources

3) Company
– Compare the company/vendor strengths and weaknesses, including public vs. private, financial

strength, years in business, number of employees working on the system, number of successful implementations, number of failed implementation, etc.

4) Financials
– Compare the TCO of the System over a period of 5 years including Software, Hardware,

Networking, Implementation Cost, Maintenance cost and Operations cost


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