Strategy Analysis and Evaluation Project for GM (General Motors Company) including past 5-10 years to now.

Strategy Analysis and Evaluation Project for GM (General Motors Company) including past 5-10 years to now.
Assignment Requirements

Topic: Strategy Analysis and Evaluation Project for GM (General Motors Company) including past 5-10 years to now.

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Subject: International Business Strategy

l Do not copy the internet source and others words, this essay will put in turn it in system to check similarity
l Use the essay structure I provide to write (In word document )
Resource should be academy resource

Main thing to do in essay
l Provide analysis of the strategy and evaluate the strategy of GM (General Motor Company)
l Part 1: Provide the analysis of the strategy using the five elements of strategy as the figure
You have to use this framework to analysis GM

l Part 2: Required to evaluate the strategy talked in part 1,answer the 6 questions provided )

Introduction (Only 200 words)
This section should be very short (within 200 words) outlining

Very brief introduction of the company you have selected
Why have you selected this company

Part 2. Analysis of Strategy (1500 words, each strategy around 300 words)

Use the framework provided “The five major elements of strategy” in the above. In your analysis provide a comprehensive analysis of the following

Arenas: Where was the company active?
What are the product/service sectors of the company? How much revenue/sales is generated from each sector etc? Has the company changed its products and services in last 5-10 years? How has the composition of products and services changed? Why did the company changed its products/ services (added new products/ exited from old products etc.)?
Which market (consumer) segments do the company focus on? Has it changed its market segment in last 5-10 years? Why ?
How much revenue is generated from each geographical region (or countries)? Has the geographical focus changed in recent years (e.g. from focus on Asia to Europe)? Why has it changed its geographic focus?
What are the core technologies the company focuses on? Has it changed over the years?
Has the value creation stages changed (e.g. from cost leadership to differentiation strategy) over the years?
Vehicles: How did the company get there? You can chose one or two key regions that the most profit come from to analysis (such as Asia )
How many joint ventures, licensing/franchising, acquisition has the company undertaken? Is there a preference for a particular type of vehicle (e.g. franchising/joint venture)? Has it changed over the years?
In which countries are these joint ventures and acquisitions? Has the country focus changed? Is there a pattern in certain countries the company prefers joint ventures (e.g. developing countries) and acquisition in other (e.g developed countries)?
What is the composition of revenues from joint ventures and internal development/ joint venture and acquisition/ internal development and acquisition? Has it changed over the years?
Why has the company undertaken internal development in certain countries and joint ventures or licensing in certain countries not in other?

Differentiators: How did the company win (succeed) in the market place?
How does it gets customers? Has it changed over the years?



Staging: What was the speed and sequence of the moves made by the company?
What was the speed of national/international expansion? Fast/slow? Has it changed over the years (e.g. initially slow but fast later OR fast in national market but slow in international market)
Why did it enter a particular set of countries or diversified to a new product/ line first and to the other set of countries or product/ service later?
Economic Logic: How did the company obtained returns (profit)?
Low cost? How could it reduce cost (e.g. economies of scale/scope)? Has it changed over the years?
Premium product/ services? How could it provide premium product/ services (e.g. building superior products; developing technology etc.)

Summary of five elements (100 words)

After outlining the analysis of five elements provide a brief summary of company’s strategy based on the analysis of the above five elements

Part 3. Evaluation of Strategy (1500 words)

Based on the elements of strategy above, provide the evaluation of the company’s strategy. Use the questions provided in Table 1: Testing the Quality of Your Strategy in page 59. Your evaluation must provide answers to the following questions.

Does the strategy of the company fit with what is going on in the external environment?
Does this strategy fit with the situation in macro- environment (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environment)? A PESTEL analysis will help to answer this question.
Does the strategy fit with the industry (competitive) environment? Conduct a five forces analysis to answer this question.
Does the strategy of the company exploit the key resources and capabilities?
Identify key resources and capabilities (R&C) of the company. Are the resources Valuable, Rare, Inimitable and embedded in the Organization (VRIO)?
Explain if it is exploiting its R&C to compete?
Are the differentiators sustainable?
Are the competitors matching the company? Is the company innovative to compete with the competitors?
Are the elements of the strategy internally consistent?
Are the five elements internally consistent? If no, which elements are not consistent? How severe is the inconsistency?
Do the five elements support each other? If no, which elements do not support the other elements?
Does the company have enough resources to pursue this strategy?
Do the company have resources which satisfy VRIO? Are there enough resources to pursue this strategy? If not, is the resource obtainable?
Is the strategy implementable?
Does the company have right organization structure (including managers, employees, incentive systems and control systems etc.) to implement this strategy?
Summary of Strategy Evaluation (100 words )

Based on the answers to above six questions, provide a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the present strategy in taking the company to achieve future objective


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