strategic management process on apple inc

I have attached my Marketing Plan as a reference for you to use if needed.

Focal points:

Strategic Intent

Goals and Objective


  1. These are precise and measurable.
  2. These look after critical and significant issues.
  3. These are realistic and challenging.
  4. These must be achieved within a specific time frame.
  5. These include both financial as well as non-financial components.


  1. These are not single for an organization, but multiple.
  2. Objectives should be both short-term as well as long-term.
  3. Objectives must respond and react to changes in environment, i.e., they must be flexible.
  4. These must be feasible, realistic and operational.

Environmental scanning – Internal & External analysis of the environment

– industry environment

-national environment


Strategy Formulation –

– Setting Organizations’ objectives

– Evaluating the Organizational Environment

– Setting Quantitative Targets

– Aiming in context with the divisional plans

– Performance Analysis

– Choice of Strategy

Strategy Implementation –

– Developing an organization having potential of carrying out strategy successfully

– Disbursement of abundant resources to strategy-essential activities.

– Creating strategy-encouraging policies.

– Employing best policies and programs for constant improvement.

– Linking reward structure to accomplishment of results.

– Making use of strategic leadership.

Strategy Evaluation

– Fixing benchmark of performance

– Measurement of performance

– Analyzing Variance

-Taking Corrective Action

Strategic Decisions

– Strategic decisions are long-term decisions.

– These are considered where The future planning is concerned.

– Strategic decisions are taken in Accordance with organizational mission and vision.

– These are related to overall Counter planning of all Organization.

– These deal with organizational Growth.

Benefits of Strategic Management

– Financial benefits

– Non- financial benefits

– Closing Thoughts

Business Policy

– BCG Matrix

– Relative Market Share

– Market Growth Rate

SWOT Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Advantage

Strategic Leadership

Corporate Governance

Business Ethics

Core Competencies



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