Sociological Meanings of Basic Concepts

Two replies or critical comments to other students’ postings(Response below). These replies should have a minimum of 250 words each. Read each student posting and provide a critical comment for each one. No apa required, No reference, all in your own words.

Student 1

After watching the movie Peace in Palestine , Zionism and the occupation of Palestine and the assigned material I realize that Israel is the world’s only Jewish state, located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.   The Arabs who are the Palestine population hails from the land Israel t now controls refer to the territory as Palestine, and want to establish a state by that name on all or part of the  same land.  The conflict beyond Israeli and Palestinian is about who gets more land and how it is controlled.  The real political conflict started in the early 20 century.  Jews fleeing persecution in Europe wanted to establish a national homeland in what was then an Arab and Muslim majority territory in the Ottoman and later British Empire.  The Arabs resisted, seeing the land as rightfully theirs.

In my understanding the most fair solution would be the two states solution because an agreement like that would not discriminate or excluded  no one from the population of the two groups.  Therefore, the two states proposal  centers on an independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel of the Jordan River.  I really think that this solution could be the most appropriated in order to to create a peaceful environment side by side within secure and recognized borders with a just resolution of the refugee issue.

The negotiated boundaries beyond Israel and Palestine would begging with the 1967 borders, or the internationally recognized borders accompanied by adjustments that take into account Israeli settlements.  Also, mutually agreed territorial swaps would be made for security purpose and Jerusalem would be negotiated shared capital the two countries.

Israel with a population of more than eight million would remain roughly its current size.  Palestine , which consist primely of the Gaza strip and West Bank, with a population around five million would be considerably smaller area, less than the half size of Israel.

Student 2

        I personally had no idea they even had an issue. After viewing the movies, I found the conflict to be inhumane and really unfair. Both played a major part in harming one another but I would honestly think that Jewish people wouldn’t be so mean to the Muslims because it was their land to begin with. The whole brutal and unnecessary massacre of the Muslims was just a way of making space for the cruel Jews at the time. The British even got attacked by the Jews. They had their trains, ships and hotels bombed. Jews seemed to have a vendetta towards Muslims, they were forced to leave there homes and life behind. At one point they had a mutual relationship but that all disappeared when one group decided to over take the others land.

       The best solution would be for both sides to leave everything like before their conflict. They both should just respect one another because they both believe in God and according to the movie they respect many of the same profits which have the same values. If both Palestinian State and Israeli State just leave each other alone, they can work things out. They need to respect the others presence. In 1948 the state of Israel was declared both for Muslims and Jews. This may have seemed like a good thing but it wasn’t that great. The Jews were given 55% of the land that was in top shape for growing crops and Muslims 45% that lacked so much nutrition, they couldn’t even grow anything for them to eat.

       I believe that Jerusalem should go back to how it was before. Palestinians had East Jerusalem before the Israeli and I don’t see the issue with them going beck to that. If the whole Jerusalem remain under the Israel’s power, the Palestinian may not like that. Even though, both groups should be respectful to one another, it should go back to how it was. This is just another reason to avoid conflict between the two.


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