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*Explain the variables of interest (related to this client system)

*Describe the goal (relative to the variables of interest) that you and the client system agreed on


Based on previous findings, what was the most appropriate evidence-informed approach to addressing your clients issue, in terms of your practice intervention

*Describe how/when you shared information about your evidence-based practice intervention with your client

*Discuss, in detail, the practice intervention that and your client selected. Explain why this intervention was agreed on.

*Describe the specific single-systems design you used to evaluate your practice with the client

*Provide a description of how you operationalized your variables

*Describe when and how you obtained these measures

*Explain how you integrated client culture and values in your data collection and/or analysis

*Describe how you analyzed your results (tie this into the previously stated goal)


*Describe the findings… was the intervention effective? How did you know?

*Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your practice intervention and evaluation


*Explain how the results of your study fit with the previous literature

*Describe what the results of your study mean for other similar client systems

*Describe the implications of your results on your field agency (or ‘like’ agencies)


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