For this assignment you have to model the AAA 24-Hour Emergency Road Service process. The model does not have to be very complicated. It will suffice if you use around 8 activities and at least 2 decisions to describe the whole process. AAA road service includes the performance of a number of activities such as changing flat tires, jump starting, fixing non-starting cars, locksmith services, towing, and accident recovery. The services will typically involve the local AAA office, independent garages or towing companies, and -of course – the customer. Recreational vehicles (RVs) require special services from the AAA.

Your model

When a customer calls in by phone, a number of decisions have to be made: What service is needed? What is the priority of this customer’s problem? Which service representative should be dispatched to the customer? Which activities should be carried out and in what order? If the customer simply has questions about the services, the service representative will answer the question or transfer the call to an appropriate department. If the customer needs emergency service, the information` about the customer (membership number, location, type of service and etc.) is recorded and service request is transferred to the local office.

Your model should include at least 8 activities and 2 decisions. It is up to you to model all the possible activities and the decision points that constitute the process. After you finish drawing the model, make sure to “validate” it so that all the connections are made correctly. At least 50% will be deducted if the model is not “validated”. Again, I am not looking for an actual description of the real process. I want to see that you are able to model process details, contingencies, and decision points and are ready to use the software for your project.

Assignment format

For this assignment you must hand in your final process file (.bpm) through Blackboard and submit a print out of the image of the drawing before corresponding due dates (Export the bpm file as an image, and print the image file).
To receive any credit for this assignment, the process must be named in the form of “YourFullName_AAA Emergency Road Service” (e.g. “YuanqiongWang_AAA Emergency Road Service”), and use the same name as your BizAgi file name (e.g. my BizAgi file should be named as “YuanqiongWang_AAA Emergency Road Service.bpm”). ZERO will be automatically awarded if you do not put your name in your submission as required above!


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