Read the scenario, identify the major use cases, and make a use case diagram using Astah.

UC Diagram
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Imagine that you are on a project team to make a computerized information system to support the business functionality described on the following page. 1. Read the scenario, identify the major use cases, and make a use case diagram using Astah. Be sure to show the subject boundary, actors, use cases, and associations between actors and use cases. Also show any <> and <> relationships that may exist between use cases. 2. If the narrative does not give you all of the information that you feel you need to complete the assignment accurately, make a list of questions or assumptions for which you, as a systems analyst, would need answers or verification to finish it. List these questions or assumptions in a Notes box below your diagram, or bullet point them in your Word document. 3. This is a participation exercise and you must turn in your work for grading. You will receive 20 points for attempting the assignment in good faith (whether your answer is 100% right or wrong). Failure to make a good faith attempt to complete the assignment properly and in its entirety will result in point deductions, up to and including the full 20 points. 4. This assignment is to be completed individually!! Illegal collaboration on PA or graded homework assignments will result in a 0 for all participating parties, as well as referral to the Office of Student Conduct for further sanctions. 4. Please bring a copy of your assignment to class, to use during the class discussion. This will allow you to correct your diagram as necessary, either electronically or on paper.


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