read an article and answer the question 2

Read the excerpt from ESL Writers by Shanti Bruce and Ben Rafoth (ed.) found under Course Documents. Though this book was written specifically for writing center tutors, the section here clearly describes the demographics of our student population. Our classes are often a mixed bag, with students coming from many backgrounds, having a hodgepodge of different English skills, and even having very different motivations for taking an ESL course

Post to the Training module 2 Discussion Forum (with a title that reflects your main idea) your reactions to this reading.

1. Before reading this article, did you have assumption about ESL learners that were different from what is described here? Which previously held assummptions about ESL learners did you find different from what is described in the text?

2. If a class has such a wide variety of student backgrounds and even levels of skill, what are some practical ways you would deal with this in your interactions with students as an assistant?

3. What questions do you have about ESL students at University that some members of this 491 class might be able to answer for you.


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