Rank operations management and supply chain management

Rank operations management and supply chain management
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Consider the following scenario:

As part of the management team for PPQ Parts manufacturing company, you are tasked with selecting the best software packages for the firm’s materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs.

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Use the Internet, course materials and web resources to research the pros and cons of six software systems designed to perform these functions. Then, write a 5 – 7 page Software Recommendations Report that you will submit to the chief executive.

In the report, be sure to justify your recommendations by analyzing the pros and cons of each of the six software systems you evaluated.

You will need to include information such as cost, compatibility with current systems and work flow processes, functionality, ease of use, and end user support.

Professors HINTS & TIPS for Unit 3
Remember this IP is worth “150” points so it should be longer and more detailed. Be sure that you have at least 6 different software packages in your research and analysis. Students can include tables or charts to help sort out all of the claims of the software vendors. With some combination of software packages you may be able to justify recommending one package to do it all but you still have to have the research and analysis for six packages.

Be sure to format your report in APA style (Cover page – Abstract page – text or body of report – Reference page). Charts and tables are a big help for this project.


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