question will decreasing the temperature of the aloe plant increase its growth

I need an essay written about the aloe plant and its growth. Everything that you need should be in both of those files right there. Basically this project is about researching something about a certain plant of my choice and pretend to do an experiment on it without actually doing the experiment, just the research and my hypothesis and prediction. t has to be at least 1,400 words. Below in my attachments, i attached a grading rubric, the project outline, and a sample research paper.

this is the hypothesis i already created_

If I continue to slowly decrease the aloe plant’s temperature in a cooled environment, then the plant will eventually adapt to the temperature change and its height would increase.

I need a works cited page with at least 5 sources

APA formatting and citation

times new roman, 12 pt font, double spaced

I also used these sources as well so i would recommend using some of them if you wish 🙂……

PLEASE let me know if i need to give you anything else i really would like the best grade i can possibly get on this essay. THANK YOUUUU 🙂


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