Provide a summarized narrative of 200 words on the National Strategy of the country of Iran.

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Background: Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are three complex and important regions in which the U.S. Government (USG) will maintain an active role. The regions are complex because of their sheer sizes and diversity. They are a crossroad of religions and cultures and home to the majority of the world’s population. They all contain a multitude of different types of governments and economic systems. The growing economic and military power of some of the emerging nations far outstrips that of weaker, less stable neighbors. Two competing trends will likely emerge from these complex relationships: (1) Increased stability between diverse nations through the use of diplomatic and economic power, and (2) Possible growing tensions fueled by nationalism, military might, and internal ethnic or religious strife.

1. Provide a summarized narrative of 200 words on the National Strategy of the country of Iran. Include footnotes references for proper citation.

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2. Provide a cogent overview of 500 words on the Military Strategy (strategic level) of Iran by applying the ends, ways and means (objectives, concepts and resources) approach based on the understanding of the USAWC Strategy Model.

3. Provide a response of 300 words in agreement or disagreement if the military strategies mentioned in the overview above will work for Iran.

4. Research and examine current U.S. interests and objectives of Iran, in terms of U.S. National Security. Determine the best use of United States power for Iran. From the analysis, elaborate on the information below of 300 words to further advance U.S. interests regarding Iran.

– Primacy: Leverage American military, political and economic power to the maximum extent in pursuit of our interests. The primary goal would be to prolong American influence and hegemony in Iran for as long as possible.


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