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To provide students with the opportunity to pursue a group civil engineering design project under academic supervision
To provide students with an experience of real design work of the type they may be expected to undertake in a civil engineering consultancy
To expose students to matters of health and safety, sustainability and costing as related to a particular design

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Working in teams, you are required to design a new civic building for a City Council. Your team is responsible for developing design solutions on behalf of a contractor bidding for design and build contract for the new civic centre. This new building which is to be located on a side of a hill will consist of five storeys. The lower ground floor will accommodate the library of the City Council and the other four floors above will be office spaces. The additional details of the project and the design brief including loadings, site conditions, plans and sections can be found in document titled ‘Design Brief- Integrated Civil Engineering Design Project-2015/16’ in Moodle unit. The project gives the students opportunity to undertake a design project integrating several other key civil engineering aspects to meet a real life design brief. You are required to refer to the document titled ‘Student Guidance Notes’ in Moodle unit for more detailed description of various aspects and tasks of this project.

As the final phase of the design, you are required to produce a detailed design report that will include following key components in addition to any other appropriate sections;

_Detailed design of key structural elements or system including roof structure, retaining wall and foundations (each student undertaking design of one or two key elements or system)
_Drawings (A3 size) showing general arrangement, sections, elevations of main structural frame; foundation details; details of structural elements designed (each student must complete one drawing showing the details of the elements or systems designed by him/her and contribute to the group drawings showing general details)
_Overall cost analysis
_Method statement for safe construction procedure for the building

The students will be required to submit the final design report covering the above areas. The submission must also include a summary of the details of the recommended conceptual design solution. The design calculations must be in accordance with Eurocodes, presented in standard format and the drawings can be produced using CAD software or by hand. In the detailed design report, the emphasis must be on accuracy, clarity and completeness.

Reference must be made to the documents Student Guidance Notes and Design Brief in Moodle unit for more details. The final design report will be a group submission incorporating and showing clearly individual contributions of the group members. These contributions will be assessed on individual basis. Although a major part of the report will consist of individual contributions, all group members must ensure a coherent design output and report. You must also state any assumptions made and reference all sources of information used in the detailed design process.


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