Please respond to this post 150 words due Monday 07/10/2017 10am Topic 2 DQ3 D.T.

Hello Professor & Class,

Conducting research for our master’s program will be different than our undergraduate program because in our master’s program we are held to a higher standard of understanding the material. We are expected to acquire information from scientific research and professional knowledge (Grand Canyon University, 2016). We are also expected to know the differences between the two types of research. As a graduate student we are expected to have strong communication skills when writing our paper’s and responding to discussion questions. When we are writing our papers for our classes we are expected to write a graduate-level, and provide research that is at the same academic level. Another issue that we are to be aware of is plagiarism. Learning how to paraphrase, and site sources correctly will be expected of us. We were held to this standard when pursuing our bachelors degree, and the expectations will be same for our master’s level. 

References: Grand Canyon University Lecture 2, PCN 502


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