network management 12

Task 2.

The student needs to conduct a research on Network Management in Cloud Computing environment with reference to at least two published research papers and prepare a report having a number of words between 800 and 1000 including a summary and a reflective writing. In order to complete this task, the student is requested to take the free online course on Cloud computing through MOOC list that was already announced to them. The following tasks are required:

a. Summarize a research paper Network Management in Cloud Computing. The summary should include a clear presentation of the most important ideas discussed by the paper. The topic of the research paper can be, but not limited to, one of the following: System design and implementation, distribution of applications, current challenges, Network security concern and other pertinent aspects regarding Network Management in Cloud Computing.

b. Write a reflection in which you suggest a strategy for implementing a private cloud computing for network management functions in Middle East College. The student should support his solution with a brief literature from a published research paper.

* Total Pages for this assignment is 5

* References and citation require(Harvard style) with 0 % similarity


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