Network access control: Who’s at the door?

Network access control
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Week 06 Research Paper 02 Topic
Topic – Who’s at the door?
Select some portion of a network with which you are familiar (or about which you can learn with appropriate authorization and collaboration) that contains identification, authentication and (optionally) authorization (IAA) functions. This investigation may include specific login systems based on password and/or biometrics, and or tokens/smartcard, etc. If you cannot get suitable information about such systems where you work, try using a more public organization that you may volunteer for.
You will want to identify and discuss some of the cryptographic components and subsystems you have knowledge of, either at your work or within your chosen industry group. At minimum, you should be able to evaluate some publicly accessible (i.e., accessible via the Internet, in contrast with intranet-only sites) SSL-enabled Web servers. For the IAA and cryptographic systems you discuss, describe the identification systems, authentication systems (e.g., what factors are used? Include some details), and what authorization processes take place after a successful authentication. Include a high-level diagram of components and connections. Some additional points that may be appropriate for your investigation, analysis, and report:
If your organization or industry uses digital certificates and/or· smart cards, describe how typical cryptographic systems and interactions work.
What crypto algorithms are in place?·
If users and/or Web browsers need to authenticate to SSL-servers,· describe the process.
What certificates are involved; where did they come from; what is the· trust model (i.e., how is trust established)?
How is trust revoked when a staff member leaves an organization?·
If remote users employ a VPN, describe that setup, including the IAA· and crypto processes (e.g., is the VPN IPSec-based or SSL-based? What algorithms are used in the VPN? What does the remote user need to gain access via the VPN?)


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