need help with two assignments

First Assignmemt

Estate tax 1.pdf                                Estate tax 2.pdf 

(Pages-Courtesy: “You May Ask Yourself” by Dalton Conley)

About estate tax and the recent limits (above $5.4million for 2015) (Links to an external site.)

Read about the estate tax in the two pages linked above. Use the conflict perspective (Melvin M. Tumin), functionalist perspective (Davis and Moore) and Gerhard Lenski’s perspective to analyze or question the rationality of Estate tax.

should be 150-250 words 

Second Assisgnment

“Howard Shultz: Starbucks.” Go to the Internet for more information at (Links to an external site.) answer Q’s 1-5 from the case. 

Please type each question as a heading and then type your answer below the question.

Howard Schultz and Starbucks

·  Which traits has Howard Schultz exhibited that would indicate he is an effective leader

·  Describe Schultz basic leadership style. How would you rate his leadership using the leadership grid

·  Which factors might lead Dr. Sherman to conclude that Howard Schultz is a transformational and charismatic leader?

·  What actions does Schultz take to build employee trust in his firm? Would you trust him?

·  Which leadership challenges might going international pose to Schultz? In which countries might his style of leadership work or not work?


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