My research question is:


My name is Shayan Mohamed, and I was wondering if you could help me edit my research question for an essay with regards to police/policing. My research question is: Why is there so much police brutality occurring in the United States with regards to anti-social behavior? Based on what my professor told me, my research question is a little confusing and that this research question is assuming that police brutality narrows in on anti-social behavior. Research questions should never assume anything – they are there to investigate/explore, rather than pose assumptions. My professor is giving me advice to play around with the phrasing to make it an even stronger question. Also, I was given advice to create 3-4 new questions with the same idea by changing the wording a little bit in order to make an even stronger research question. I was told that I am definitely on the right track but the question should be worded better without making an assumption on police brutality. Thanks again for your time and support and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.




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