MovieFlix: modernization of information management systems

Human Resource Management
Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The owners of MovieFlix realize that they need to modernize their information management systems in order to make their processes run more smoothly and to solve some of their business problems.
• In 2-3 pages, discuss a technology system that you suggest for the company. (Do not use Mircosoft Suite Apha)
o Include why you selected that particular database or information system and how it will help improve MovieFlix’s processes.
o Describe the costs, including the license, etc. Look for a database that does exit that includes citations and references this requires research. How will the database or software help with their problem (integrity). How will this system help increase revenue cost component, how will this help from the bottom up. explain the database and why you selected it. Also what is the name of the database? Please make sure that your references backs your paper or points will be deducted, and remember to use In-text citations. Remember to use credible sources.


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