Management accounting

Management accounting
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Part A: Excel There is plenty of help on Blackboard/Internet regarding the use of Excel formulas. Make sure your Excel model is completely dynamic. This means updating any of the values in the �Data for current period� worksheet will update the data in all the other worksheets automatically. The formulas do not always have to refer back to the �Data for current period� sheet but may refer to a cell in a previous worksheet. This will make your formulas more readable and therefore less error-prone.
Part B: Question 1 � Variances
Do not provide generic reasons from the textbook/lecture. You should link or base your reasons on the facts of the case.
Part B: Question 2 � Fixed volume variance.
Make sure you answer both parts. For the second part, use information found in the case material.
Part C: Discussion.
Be convincing and strengthen your argument using evidence from the business (or scientific) press. The evidence should be as specific as possible and integrated into your discussion. For example, you could find a case that describes the benefits of implementing a certain costing system in a company. Conversely, you could use a case that documents some of the problems of a costing system, which would then help you to argue against it. Standard textbook descriptions of advantages/disadvantages of certain costing systems will not be as valuable.


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