let this be a platform for us to share our ideas and brainstorm

  • Check out Maureen Dowd’s article “Our Own Warrior Princess” in pg. 233 of your text book ‘Writing for College, Writing for Life’ (2011, 2nd edition). For your convenience, I’ve provided a link for the same.
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2003/06/01/opinion/our-own-warrior-princess.html
  • Identify the claim/thesis statement of the author.
  • What are her reasons to support the claim?
  • Does she answer the opposition (the rebuttal argument, which is an essential component of persuasion)? 
  • Discuss the three appeals – logical, emotional and ethical – in Dowd’s argument.

The purpose of this discussion thread is to familiarise you with patterns of argument, so don’t be scared by terminology. Go ahead and read the article, and share your thoughts on it. What is the main idea of the author and how well she is communicating it? What are you learning about persuasive writing, now that you’ve read 2 essays, SantiDeRosa’s and Maureen Dowd’s? Let this be a platform for us to share our ideas and brainstorm.


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