Lab Report Format

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CHM152LL Lab Report Format
Points: 30 points per lab report
The only lab report that will not be graded based on the following rubric is the Safety Lab (Lab 1).
Use the following as a checklist each time you finish a lab to ensure that you are submitting a complete lab report.
Introduction: (1 point each)
□ Background information – based on the concepts covered in the lab
□ Purpose – usually stated in the online write-up
□ Hypothesis and/or prediction – this one may not be present in all labs
□ Explanation – required if there is a hypothesis/prediction; otherwise, may be included in the background information
Procedure: (2 points each)
□ List of materials – be exact, particularly where important, such as “Fisher electronic analytical balance, +0.01 g,” not “scale,” or “two 12x150mm glass test tubes,” not simply “test tubes”
□ Numbered step-by-step procedure – paraphrase from the lab procedures (do not cut and paste)
Data – (points vary with lab)
□ Tables and/or Figures(graphs)
□ All tables/figures must be clearly labeled. The title should be specific enough to allow any reader to know what the figure/table is showing without reading the lab.
□ Proper labels must be included for the columns and rows or x- and y- axes. Here are two examples “Length/cm + 0.01” or “Temperature/oC + 0.1.” The intervals on the axes should be equivalent.
□ Numbers only go in the body of the table itself; for figures that are graphs, be sure that you use bar or line graphs as appropriate.
If you are instructed to download a data table, then you must make sure that it is titled and labeled properly. Use the graphical analysis program for figures that are graphs, and be sure to follow the above steps.
Discussion- (points vary with lab)
□ Answer the questions. These questions are called “Analysis,” “Calculations,” “Discussion,” or “Processing the Data” (depending on the lab). Make sure to number them according to the way they are numbered in the lab.
Lab 6
Investigating Amphoterism and Buffering Systems END LESSON NUMBER/TITLE *****


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