Guided Response: Read the arguments presented by your classmates, and analyze the reasoning that they have presented. Whether you agree with their position or not, see if you can help them to improve their arguments. In particular, point out any respect in which a reasonable person might disagree with the truth of their premises or with the strength of their reasoning. Consider addressing the following questions: Did your classmate present a convincing argument? Why, or why not? Which part of the argument might someone dispute (e.g., premise, conclusion, structure, etc.)? How might the argument be strengthened? Make sure that your posts for the week include at least two substantive responses to classmates.

·         Demetria Parnell

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Does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships?

Premise 1: Social media enhances interpersonal relationships.

Premise 2: Social media hinders interpersonal relationships.

Conclusion: Social media can enhanced and hinder interpersonal relationships.

Social media enhances interpersonal relationships by promoting increased interaction with family and friends. It has been reported that social media allows people to feel more connected to information about their friends’ lives. Social networking provides an outlet for communication for those who are timid. Social media provides the confidence that people need to form strong interpersonal relationships. People can express themselves in ways that are appropriate with communicating with others. Everyday people are using social media to promote their businesses or build relationships with others. Teachers are able to use social media to collaborate with students building a stronger relationship outside the classroom. Social media serves as a platform of empowering people to support one another and connect with those who share the same interest.

Social media hinders interpersonal relationships by allowing people to post inappropriate statuses or photos that can be very discouraging. Cyber-bullying is a great example of how social media hinders interpersonal relationships. The television show Catfish is also another example of social media hindering interpersonal relationships. Social media allows people to create fake names and lives and trick people into thinking they are someone they are not. Through social media, people are not able to display verbal communication and they lack listening skills.  While using social media it can be easy to interpret a situation wrongly. Communicating online hinders the development of conflict management skills and awareness of interpersonal cues.

·         Sheryl Gobert

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Does social media enhance or hinder interpersonal relationships?

o    Premise 1 – Social media enhances interpersonal relationships

o    Premise 2 – Social media causes hinders interpersonal relationships

o    Conclusion – Social media conflicts hinder interpersonal relationships

Social media could be the tool that enhances interpersonal relationships in the way of dating online dating services when people meet and form a relationship. Relationships have also been formed through social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  In the digital age, these displays of affection are often made public through social networking sites, such as Facebook. The study conducted by Steers, M. N., Overup, C. S., Brunson, J. A., & Acitelli, L. K. (2016) contributes to the emerging Facebook relationship literature by providing some support for the hypothesis that individuals who are highly authentic in their relationship may view Facebook as an important avenue in which to express themselves in the context of a relationship, which in turn appears to be positively associated with relationship outcomes.

I believe social media can be created based on deceiving the people who are connected and those who may not even know the person they have friended on the website. Names, pictures, and profiles are sometimes made up to make someone look and sound opposite of who they really are. It has been proven to also be used as a tool to lure young people and adults under false pretense in vulnerable situations without their knowledge and sometimes resulting in homicides.  It can also create a wedge between a couple when one person utilizes it more than the other. To even be obsessed with constantly wanting to be connected to their friends on social media by looking at their pages (Facebook), getting updated, and chatting with others who they relate to through social media. According to research investigated by Nongpong, S., & Charoensukmongkol, P. (2016), the impacts of socialmedia use while being with a partner on the perception of relationship problems experienced by the other partner. The results from the partial least squares regression indicated that individuals who perceived that their partners used socialmedia excessively tended to report a higher perception of lack of caring, loneliness, and jealousy.


Nongpong, S., & Charoensukmongkol, P. (2016). I Don’t Care Much as Long as I Am Also on Facebook. Family Journal, 24(4), 351. doi:10.1177/1066480716663199

Steers, M. N., Øverup, C. S., Brunson, J. A., & Acitelli, L. K. (2016). Love online: How relationship awareness on Facebook relates to relationship quality among college students. Psychology Of Popular Media Culture, 5(3), 203-216. doi:10.1037/ppm0000067


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