IT Strategic Solutions – Task 4 REVISION

IT Strategic Solutions – Task 4 REVISION
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Task 4:

Please refer to the attached documents for the revision process–

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1. Task 4 Directions (Directions to assignment)
2. Task 4 Grading evaluation form – this will be used by my professor to grade the paper. Please use this document during the revision process. It will help outline which revisions need to be completed, as the sections and grading criteria are referenced in this document.
3. Task 4 Case Study. This assignment references the case study.
Word Document – original work which needs to be revised. Please make the appropriate revisions to this document while referencing the original directions and case study information.
Overall comments: 12/23/14 The work presents an appropriate outline in regards to how the elements of the infrastructure should be assessed. The work needs specific details from the case study, identifying the gaps between what is currently possible, and what specific upgrades are needed.

A.Growth Strategy – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 Several suggestions are made of areas that need to be upgraded. The suggestions are very limited in detail to understand specifically what aspects of the IT infrastructure are needed. Each point should be appropriately supported with the specific needs of the business and their goals.

B. Gap Analysis – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 Each point generally suggests that upgrades are needed. Few points identify the specific state, for example the email and customer service limitations. Detailed specifics are needed that describe the current state and the future needs.

C. IT Infrastructure Upgrade Project Proposal – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 General upgrades are suggested, though there is limited specifications of the solutions that are needed for the business. Greater detail of specific upgrades to accompany the recommendation of Oracle Solaris. Each should be fully supported in regards to the company’s needs.

D1. Three Year Plan – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 As the specific systems need to be clarified, the three year plan should align with the recommended system.

D2. Human Resources – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 Training is recommended, though there is limited support for the recommended systems and the personnel requirements that need to be in place to implement and operate the business.

D3. Globalization – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 The suggested system upgrades need to be more clearly discussed, with specific alignment of the upgrades with the globalization.

D4. Emerging Technology – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 The submission recommends the product of another company (the iWatch), which is not clearly explained how the business specifically introduces a new product or service itself. Clarification of a specific emerging technology that can be deployed by the company is needed.

E. Sources – Comments on this criterion: 12/23/14 As revisions are needed, this can be more fairly assessed in the revised submission.

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