Issues in referral for this particular type of population. How does the client come into the system?

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Do not simply repeat a manualized treatment (e.g. CBT for veterans). If you choose CBT you MUST

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include another treatment approach to pair with it. Do not choose a first year practice approach or one

that we have not covered in this class. Examples used in course; Mindfulness, systematic desensitization, Evidence based Expressive treatments, Art therapy, the empty chair, Dialectiacal Behavioral Therapy, Transference Focused Therapy, Schema Therapy,. Use an approach suitable for work with adult individuals and their support systems, not families, or groups. Short use of case material is integrated throughout so please pick a mental health problem which one of your clients as exhibited.. Use phases of treatment as your subheadings. Proof read your paper. Do not over rely on one or two citations. Do not use first year texts. Do not use narrative from progress reporting e.g.

Client states that This is an academic paper which should comply with the APA style manual. Use current citations. [ ]

Select a disorder or special population. [ ] A mental disorder present in a case you are holding is
preferred so you can use examples of interventions throughout.

Select an intervention strategy covered in class. Taking the practice method selected discover how
that method is employed throughout all phases of intervention. If there is no literature on the phase of

treatment (such as referral), please use other sources of information. Cover all phases including:

Issues in referral for this particular type of population. How does the client come into the system? Is

there typically a history with other systems of care? In what segment (s) of the continuum of care are

you most likely to be working and why? What might influence client use of mental health care?[ ]

Methods of engagement given the problem area. (e.g. What issues are involved in engaging a client

who has anorexia and what must you do to establish rapport and empathy? HOW will you engage

given these issues? Why are these practice aspects important given the case and problem area?

Discuss engaging diverse groups of clients-what must you do differently with those from different

cultural groups.) [ ]

Discuss what is included in the assessment framework using the practice model chosen? Issues

in culture and diversity must be a part of this section. Remember that your assessment should be

based on the practice intervention selected, not just DSM diagnosis. If you are using CBT, HOW

would CBT or IPT assess this case? Please use some analysis of case material rather than simply

reporting. Why might someone have certain dynamics going on, certain symptomatology, etc.

Include a short biopsychosocial assessment and analysis of what factors influenced symptoms


What neurobiological issues come out in the assessment and how do you know they are present?

Present DSM diagnosis(es) [ ]

What methods of assessment can be employed using a valid & reliable measure? (Consult material

in the DSM 5 on assessment instruments. [ ]

Integrate relevant cultural factors of the case and use citations to support your assessment. Note

that Caucasians are not one group, Latinos are not one group, etc. [ ]

What is the treatment plan and what are the treatment goals? Remember to consult information tied

to the intervention you are using [ ]

Discuss issues in the worker client relationship: your own feelings, transference &

countertransference, values & experiences that may affect motivation or resistance in you and the

client system in treatment. Why are these issues present? What will you do differently given these

issues? How will you do it?[ ]

What contracting issues must be set up given this problem and in this practice model? Why is the

contract necessary? [ ]

Discuss methods of intervention in the middle phase of treatment. How is culturally competent

treatment used in this phase? Your intervention in the middle phase should derive from your

assessment issues. Tell me why you doing what you are doing. Go beyond telling what interventions

you will use. How will you institute these interventions? The middle phase should represent the bulk

of your paper and should be detailed, i.e. several kinds of interventions not just a couple. [ ]

How will you engage and attend to issues in body, mind, and brain? [ ]

How is termination performed with this model and how do you know it is time for termination? What

are the issues & plan? [ ]

Discuss evaluation strategies in the practice model. . Evaluation should follow the same practice

intervention as in the assessment. Remember to include a valid and reliable assessment measure

as a part of your evaluation. [ ]

Discuss methods of follow-up in the practice model. Why might follow-up be important? [ ].

You may use one or more than one practice models but you must tell me why you are doing so.

Please comment on social justice issues as they impact problem presentation and treatment [ ]. obj.

Discuss your role and identity as a clinical social worker; what makes your domain different from other

professionals? What leadership responsibilities do you have in team activities? [ ].

What ethical issues are involved in working with this group? What social work values intersect with

these ethical issues? [ ]

Do not present case material with no explanation of your practice model assessment or

theoretically-based intervention strategies. This assignment is not simply a case study. You may

use a case or cases as illustrative material of how to apply the interventions.

Use APA style. APA style includes the use of headings and subheadings. Remember to start with

an introduction and end with a conclusion. Do not use lengthy citations; rather, paraphrase material

to make your point. When you quote directly, you must include pagination and attribution. Do not

simply link quotes together with some narrative. If you are unclear about APA style, please consult

the manual or see me. Use Times Roman 12 point. [ ]

Use a variety of citations. Do not rely solely on one or two texts, and not introductory texts such as

Hepworth & Larsen, or solely classroom readings. Do a search for citations including refereed

journal articles [ ].

Give me a hard copy and turn a copy in to so you and I can see if you cited properly.


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