irps assignments 2

Please avoid plagiarism.

Use very simple words words

Answer the individual response only

Follow the steps below.

Directions: After watching the Star Trek episode entitled “The Drumhead” please draft responses to each of the two questions below prior to class.

In class, you will then join a group of 3-4 students, discuss your individual responses, and create an additional group response to each question.

Each person should submit the completed viewing guide on the corresponding assignment link in Canvas by the end of class. 25 points

1. Describe at least 4 specific events or incidents in ‘The Drumhead’ that exemplify different civil and political rights? What specific right does that incident depict?

Individual Response:

Group Response:

2. What are 4 specific articles, other than Articles 1 and 2, of the ICCPR that are exemplified by the events or situations in The Drumhead? Succinctly and completely explain your responses.

Individual Response:

Group Response:


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