Internal Accounting Analysis of Google: Is there a structured management accounting system in place?

Internal Accounting Analysis of Google
Assignment Requirements

In this third chapter, you should concentrate on the management accounting information that is required for Google ( the company you are researching)

This will clearly vary, once again, depending on the organisation’s size and the regulatory rules to which it is subject.
You are now required to analyse the internal accounting systems within Google). These are the sorts of questions that you need to answer:

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Is there a structured management accounting system in place?

Are budgets regularly prepared?

How does the budgeting system work? What sorts of budgets are generated?

Is participative budgeting in place?

How are variances identified and analysed?

Is the budgeting system effective?

What sort of costing structure is in operation?

Does the organisation use ABC? If not, might this be helpful?

Is break-even analysis undertaken? Can you estimate the break-even point (BEP) for key products/services?

How are prices calculated?

How well is management accounting information disseminated and communicated in order to manage resources effectively? Do

employees have access to the information needed for them to perform their jobs effectively?

Is accounting and finance software utilised? If so, is this successful and effective?

Have management accounting changes occurred in the recent past? Are there any in the pipeline?

How successful do you think the management accounting system is overall? How might it be improved?


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