Information systems cannot solve some business problems. Give three examples and explain why technology cannot help?

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. 1. Information systems cannot solve some business problems. Give three examples and explain why technology cannot help?
2. 2 . what major trends are occurring in software? What capabilities do you expect to see in future software packages? How do the different roles of system software and application software affect you as a business e end user? How do you see this changing in the future?
3. The insatiable demand for everything wireless, video, and Web-enabled everywhere will be the driving force behind developments in telecommunications, networking, and computing technologies for the foreseeable future. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Justify and support your answer.
4. Discuss What are the most important HR applications a company should offer to its employees via a Web-based system? Why?
5. What are the differences in approach that should be consider when implementing information assurance/ information security principles to the private versus public sector? What regulations or laws currently drive the incorporation of information security in a private organization? In your opinion, has the importance or emphasis on information security increased or remained the same in the organization you work for? Why do you think this has happened?
6. Is it legal to “use” an unprotected wireless access point that you discover in a public area? Is it ethical to use it? Hypothetically, if you were at an event and your computer detected a wireless network which was not protected and that was not sponsored by the event or its organizers, would you use it? Justify your answer based on legal and security regulations, not personal opinion.
7. Review scholarly articles and reputable resources and discuss what are the latest technology for intrusion detection and prevention. Please identify/list your references/resources.
8. How should a business store, access, and distribute data and information about its internal operations and external environment?

What role does database management play in managing data as a business resource?

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