Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design Group Project

Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design Group Project Assignment
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ITEC 630 Information Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Design Group Project Assignment
Overview A common practice in the today IT related field is to work in groups of people with different backgrounds and skills. This assignment is intended to add some practice in working and learning as a team.

Suggested topics for the group project:

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• Concept of System Design and Analysis – Modern Perspective

• Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design

• Requirements Analysis – tools of trade

• Requirements Analysis – methodologies

• Prototyping

• Trends in Databases

• Concept of Project Management

• Essential of Project Management

• System Proposal Development

• Essentials of Systems Engineering

• Systems Engineering Life Cycles • Quality Assurance – historical perspective

• Challenges of Systems Implementation

• Concept of Software Engineering Delivery

Each group will prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (in the neighborhood of 20 slides) along with any relevant notes – either as notes on the slides or as a separate Word document.

The deadline for the Group Project: Week 11: 11-20-11-26 (Group Project – Due: 11-26-2017 by 11:59PM EST)


1. Each group should designate a coordinator (and probably a backup person as well) who will assume responsibility for posting the Group Project outline and schedule, status report, and final presentation.

2. The Groups will be formed with the same number of students in each group (plus or minus one). For each group, a private discussion space will be created, under the My Tools>Groups.

3. You should do some preliminary research on the assigned topic from articles, books, and Internet. As a team, you should decide the strategy to work and divide the work.

4. As a team, you should participate in the preparation of your group PowerPoint presentation.

5. Your group will be expected to prepare any supplemental material necessary to make your group presentation understandable.

6. Submit the PPT presentation in the discussion topic by the deadline given in the syllabus for this class.

Group Project Requirements:

With regards to your Group Research Project, Students will be assigned to project teams of seven participants for the purpose of analyzing a specified topic that will involve a review of the recent scholarly and trade literature in an approved area by the professor. The PPT Presentation (req. 20 slides) should present an argument using the literature, formulating and declaring a position statement, distilling the primary and fundamental issues, discussing the various possible solutions to the issues raised. Students should expect to consult a host of articles and perhaps some books to perform an adequate literature search. The topic of the group research PPT Presentation should be related to a main aspect of the course, the profession and practice of systems analysis.

Grading Information

To ensure that each student contributes equitably to the group effort, each individual in the group will complete a peer evaluation form to assess each other’s level of effort. The grade will be based on the rating for your entire team plus assessment of your individual contribution to the group effort. The group project is worth 20% of your final grade. Note: To enforce fairness, you are encouraged to post regularly in the Group discussions. This way the rest of the group will be able to review and approve that your effort corresponds to your contributions. Group Discussions are located in the Discussion Area…scroll all the way down to the bottom.

During the first two weeks, you have to:

• Come up with a name for your team.

• Discuss with your teammates the topics above. You should use the Group discussion area to do this. Obtain group consensus on the preferred topic. Post the top three selections of your group in order of preference in the assignment folder reserved for the group project.

• Please let me know who your team leader is no later than the end of Week 2.


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