individual research study

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You will complete an individual research study and write a 4 pages paper based on the case on p 382-384. You will not simply answer the questions on page 384. You will choose a topic related to the case you read and write a paper based on that topic in addition to answering the questions. You will need to cite sources and can use some helpful tips attached to this announcement.

You must turn in a draft on Blackboard by April 18th and the document will be processed through an originality tester to ensure there is no Plagiarism .

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Any student that does not submit a draft by the due date will receive a zero grade — I will not accept final papers from students that have not shown their progress
Any Plagiarism score on final submissions over 15% will receive a zero grade.
The paper will need to follow the rubric (attached to this announcement)

Please see the paper instructions I attached so you can follow the professor required

This is the link for the book


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