in week 1 you developed an initial idea to build a database you followed the systems development life cycle sdlc and got an idea to start with now it is time to start building your database what next

Part II—Course Project

Course Project Part 2—Identifying Entities and Attributes

In Week 1, you developed an initial idea to build a database. You followed the systems development life cycle (SDLC) and got an idea to start with. Now, it is time to start building your database.

What next?

The project description developed in W1 Assignment 3 is a first draft, so consider it a rough draft. This means that you should continue to develop your idea.

The next step is to select some nouns in your project description. For example, a project has invoices, invoice distributions, and suppliers as nouns. These nouns are entities, or tables, that would be used to create the E-R model. Then, the adjectives and verbs that describe the nouns would become the attributes, or columns.

Therefore, in the example that we considered, we might have the following entities and attributes:

Invoices Invoice_Distributions Suppliers
# Invoice_id # Invoice_distribution_id # Supplier_id
Invoice_num Invoice_distribution_line_num Name
Invoice_type Line_type Address
Supplier_id Invoice_id

Using your knowledge of selecting entities and attributes, complete the following tasks for this week:

  • Review your project descriptions and come up with five entities and some attributes that describe the entities. Do not identify more than five attributes for each entity.
  • In a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, define six columns (nouns) from the project description you submitted in W1 Assignment 3 that you consider key to your database. These will be the tables for the database. Then, in the rows for each column, define the attributes (adjectives).

You have taken your creative idea and started to move the nouns and adjectives you identified in a logical model—the E-R model. This will give you a working outline of the tables that will be created in the final script.

Assignment Deliverable

After you complete the lab and course project, collate the information from both in a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document.


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