Impact of cloud accounting and CRM Implementation

Impact of cloud accounting and CRM Implementation
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Question 1 (10%)
You are a Systems Accountant working as an independent consultant. Using contemporary literature, provide a 1,500 word report that can be distributed to your clients that addresses the following:

• What is the cloud? What services can be provided via the cloud?
• Compare and contrast the different types of cloud available for use by a business
• Discuss 5 differences between the use of a Cloud based accounting system and a traditional (non cloud based) accounting system

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Question 2 (10%)
Your manager has requested a report explaining how implementation of a CRM system can value add to a business. It must address the following:

• What is CRM?
• How can CRM add value to an organisation?
• Identify any organisational risk that a business may encounter as part of a CRM implementation.

Your report, including executive summary, should be a maximum length of 1,500 words.

APA referencing must be used, where relevant, with citations and a list of references for any sources used in this assessment.

This assessment task is designed to enable you to demonstrate your ability to:

• understand and apply foundation principles relating to computerised information systems in contemporary organisations;
• illustrate typical network configurations and identify the components of a network, particularly identifying the role that cloud computing has in a network;
• evaluate accounting information system architecture, particularly identifying the role that cloud computing has as the basis for an accounting information system;
• identify organisational risk and the impact that cloud computing and CRM systems have on that risk.
• be able to explain the role of data analysis tools and data mining.


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