identity and answer the questions above. Be as specific as possible. This reflection is about you and your lived experience.

In the epic, Gilgamesh’s struggle is that he is 2/3 god and 1/3 human. He has to go on a journey to discover how to genuinely love someone, his own mortality, and the human condition. Marji’s identity is always changing, as she comes of age in Persepolis. She is often navigating two states of being (Iran and Austria, veil and no veil, public and private, conventional and nonconventional). She questions what is home, how to love, who her friends are, and how she sees herself.


The question(s) to answer in this paper are:

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How has your identity been liminal (between two states of being)?

How do/did you view yourself?

How do/did others view you?


identity and answer the questions above. Be as specific as possible. This reflection is about you and your lived experience.


Essentially, you are going to define and describe the feelings associated with who you are and how you’re seen, and write it as a piece of memoir or personal narrative. It is your account. A good narrative should move its reader, so write about something specific that makes you feel something. And if you don’t feel anything, write about that and why it’s significant.


Maybe you have felt afraid, stuck, confused, relieved, happy, sad, alone, or confident? Maybe you felt these feelings emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually, or existentially? Maybe you are somewhere now where you feel like you don’t completely belong because of stereotypes, privilege and oppression, status, sexuality, gender, ability, language body type, or attractiveness? Maybe you are at a border or edge of a next phase? Maybe you’ve felt trauma? Maybe you’re still working some of these things out?  I want you to express what has happened (if there was a specific event or journey) and what exactly you feel/felt.


Please go deep and reflect. Get as personal as you wish. Details go a long way. Most of us tend to write very abstractly, typically, because no one ever taught us otherwise. Show, don’t tell. Show me what you experience(d). Don’t just tell me how you feel. Describe it. You live(d) it, real or imagined, so try to find the words to let me live it too. Tell your story.


A lot of us don’t communicate this kind of stuff often and that’s ok. Writing this might be challenging. Let yourself become vulnerable. Also, remember that reflection doesn’t require a ‘moral of the story’ or absolute closure. Reflection is a work in progress. There will be no judgment. And I will be the only person reading your paper. I’m aware that telling your story can uncover old and new feelings.


2+ page(s) double-spaced!!!


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