How does the company use environmental management systems and performance measures to implement its strategy?

Environmentally sustainable business
Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Assessment Criteria
All assignments must have proper referencing in the text to relevant sources outlined in a reference list in order to qualify for a pass – see University guidelines on plagiarism on the Moodle Site. You must reference the Environmental Report that you choose whenever you use information from it.
The marking criteria are:
Content and range (including evidence of original research, and coverage of the questions)
Knowledge of theory
Critical reasoning

Your task
Business: Adidas Group
Please re-read the section Assignment task: Environmental Performance Review as the introduction to this assignment.
Use the formative feedback you have received for Part 1 (element 3, this is going to be provided to you, its a first draft done by me, but you need to tailor and fix it according to my tutor’s feedback) and make any adjustments you feel necessary. Your revised text now forms the first, introductory section of your final assignment. You should also paste in as a separate section in this part of the final assignment the Tutor Formative Feedback from your Part 1 assignment so that we can see how you have responded to it (this is not included in your word limit).

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There are now two further questions that you must answer to complete your review of your chosen organisation, with roughly equal weighting.

2.1 How does the company use environmental management systems and performance measures to implement its strategy? What does this tell us about the kind of strategy it is following?

2.2 How well does the company apply the principles of resource savings (the 5R’s) to two from the following list:
supply chain
marketing strategies?

3. A final conclusion is also expected on how well the company is managing the sustainability issues that it faces, as well as suggestions for improvements.
Your work will be judged on its overall coherence and hence only one mark will be given.

Word count
This assignment is a combination of your revised Part 1 and Part 2 and should be presented in the form of a single report with a maximum word count of 2, 000 words (this includes the 700 words from Part 1)
Any words over the word limit will not be marked.
A list of references must be included
Lines should be double-spaced and all margins should be 2.5cm minimum (this facilitates in text feedback where a marker chooses to use it)
Title page, contents, reference list and pasted in Part 1 Tutor Comments are excluded from the word limit
Tables, models and diagrams do count towards the word limit
Please include the URL (web address) of the corporate sustainability report you have reviewed.


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