How do you rate your own team’s proposal presentation?

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1. How do you rate your own team’s proposal presentation? Did it go well? Was there any improvement that could be made? How can you do better next time?
2. An important activity during the project planning phase we didn’t talk about is risk management. In risk management, we try to identify and deal with anything that might pose a threat to the successful completion of the project. In doing so, we hope to either reduce the probability that the problem will occur, or to reduce the impact on the project if it does occur. Identify three “high-threat” potential problems for your upcoming project; for each problem, discuss how this problem can be prevented, and propose an action to be taken if the problem does occur, that would mitigate its effect and bring the project back on track.
3. With the project construction weeks coming up, your team needs to take charge of how to utilize the lab time. The in-lab time is like a team meeting. Read Textbook Chapter 6 Section “Team Meetings” on page 45-47, summarize at least five things that your team should do to make the lab time more productive, to ensure the successful completion of your project.
4. Summarize at least three skills you learned since the midterm reflection ePortfolio. Discuss how they could benefit you in future classes or help you get an internship.


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