How Do Various Factors Influence Health in Your Community?

1. Respond to the prompts below in full sentences.  Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling:

· Individual, interpersonal, community and environmental influences all affect the health status of a community.

o For a community you are involved in, name two key factors in each area. 

o For your community, which factors have the most effect? The least?

· Healthy People 2010 follows a variety of health indicators, such as physical activity and obesity; drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; mental health; incidence of violence and injury; environmental issues; and access to health care. 

o For a population in your community, which of these indicators do you think has the greatest impact on health and wellness?

· What media are used in your community to promote health and prevent illness or disease? 

o Give three examples and discuss how effective they are for their target audience

NB: I am a member of the Haitian American Community in Miami.

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