How can E-Commerce adoption help Fresh & Go with its future expansion plans?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Prepare a report of 2250 words on an E-Commerce solution for Fresh & Go Ltd.
Your work should therefore address at least the following:
• How can E-Commerce adoption help Fresh & Go with its future expansion plans?
• What are the types of Information Systems for the company to consider in order to implement a successful E-Commerce solution?

Assignment Structure
• Cover Page
• Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Main …
The Implications of E-commerce for Fresh & Go
Suggested IS for Fresh & Go
• Conclusions
• References
• Appendices

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Assessment Criteria
• Clear understanding of how E-Commerce can help the company with it’s future expansion plan.
• Appropriate identification and understanding the types of Information Systems that can enable the company to implement a successful E-Commerce business
• Evidence of reading, use of resources and research
• Accurate citations and referencing
• Report structure and presentation

Marking Guide:

An outstanding answer that could hardly be bettered.
show an excellent level of understanding and critical/analytic skills and originality.
For example, such an answer would include new insights into E-commerce which are not drawn from the literature but from the student’s own critical thinking, and which add something to the existing literature. Demonstrate a strong understanding of theories, concepts and issues relating to E-commerce.

There will be evidence of wide-ranging reading from a variety of valid sources
written in a clear, well-structured way with a coherent and seamless flow and show evidence of independent, critical thought.

It must show extensive relevant reading on the subject and intelligent use of the material to present a well-balanced and well-argued assignment.

Descriptive Writing

• Do not developing argument
• You are representing the situation as it stands
• No analysis or discussion
• No transforming information


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