help with finishing up paper on change lessons

Option #1: Your Story and Change Lessons

Change is part of our personal and professional lives. It can be stressful, enlightening, dramatic, or transformational depending upon the circumstances. Think about an experience from your professional or personal life that involved change and was particularly memorable.

The required textbook reading this week describes these memorable experiences as stories. Reflect on your personal change experience (story) and draw upon the course materials to objectively describe it based on the following:

  • Compare and contrast it with the change lessons outlined in the Managing Organizational Change
  • Describe whether the change lessons in your story are useful for facing future changes in which you might be involved. Explain how the lessons are transferable or not.

What I have so far is attached. Book needed is Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach – Chapter 1. I just need help integrating the change lessons in the chapter into the organizational merger I went through of Wachovia and Wells Fargo.


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