For your reply, read through the other threads and find a person with whom you disagree. Write a substantive reply (at least 200 words) and explain why you disagree. 

For your reply, read through the other threads and find a person with whom you disagree. Write a substantive reply (at least 200 words) and explain why you disagree.

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Hello everyone,

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The mind and body problem should be an issue that everyone grapples with and finds answers too. It is not a question that is easy to answer. Hasker (1983), states “And if anyone is ready with a quick easy answer, it may be said with confidence that such a person has neither probed the depths of the question nor considered fully the complexities and difficulties that arise out of the proposed answer” (p.58). I believe that only God can fully understand the difference between the mind and body. Picard and Maddox differ in their analysis of data the android aboard the Enterprise. Picard would be in the category of a materialist. “ Materialism, on the other hand, reduces man entirely to a physical organism functioning according to natural laws, with the result that crucial aspects of human existence-morality, rationality, aesthetic experience, religion –inevitably are either slighted or denied altogether” (Hasker, 1983,). Picard in some ways views himself equal with Data. Picard states “We too are machines, just machines of a different type” (p.2). Picard’s view point of being a machine correlates very well with the materialist view that man is entirely a physical organism. Foreman states materialist believe “one substance exist, matter. That’s all that we have is just matter” (p.6). Maddox on the other hand views Data differently. He does not view Data as being worthy to be referred to as a human. Maddox states “You are endowing Data with human characteristics because it looks human, but it is not” (p.1). Maddox’s concern was that Data was viewed as a human because of what man had created him to be.

I do not believe that if A.I. becomes possible we would have to treat machines ethically. There is a big difference between A.I. and humans. It comes back to who was the creator. In star trek, Data was an intelligent machine because of what was put into the making of the android. “Mankind, men (being both woman and men) are made up of basically two parts: there’s a physical part of us and a non-physical part of us” (Foreman, p.1). Data, an android, is a manmade product that was given human characteristics. Data has physical characteristics but is lacking in the non-physical aspect. Genesis 2:7 “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (KJV). God created the physical by forming man from dust and God created the non-physical by breathing into the man the breath of life.


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